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West Africa Theological Seminary
What Is WATS?
What Is WATS?

West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS) serves one of the fastest-growing segments of the Christian Church in the world, and it focuses squarely on the two greatest needs of the African Church: leadership development and discipleship of believers. WATS offers two Bachelors degrees and four Masters degrees. The mission of WATS is: 

"To train men and women for holy living, for carrying the Gospel to the unreached, and for catalyzing national spiritual awakening."

In the Heart of Africa... Rising up to meet Africa's Greatest Need ... Leadership Training

Who We Are.

We live, study, worship, and serve as a community of learners in Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria. We have small extensions in Owerri and Aba to the East. Our community consists of approximately 750 men and women who passionately embrace the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. We take our calling to be salt and light as a serious and personal call to make a difference in Nigeria, West Africa, and the world. We intend to be "world changers" by God's grace.

About WATS
About WATS

West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS) started in April, 1989, when a group of Nigerian and expatriate Christian leaders met to consider the needs of the Church in Nigeria and in particular to determine how to provide sound theological training to as many pastors as possible.

Led by Rev. Gary S. Maxey of the US, the group moved quickly to establish a strong, academically competent, nondenominational theological seminary, now known as WATS.

For its first twelve years the seminary (first known as Wesley International Bible College, and later as Wesley International Theological Seminary—and since 2001 as WATS) was located in Owerri, Imo State, in eastern Nigeria.

The growth of WATS has been significant since it first opened its doors. Across the years more than 1,000 pastors have graduated, and more than 2,000 totally have received training. Because WATS is nondenominational, it has attracted students and ethnic groups from a broad spectrum of churches, language groups and countries. At any given moment WATS usually has students from at least:

  • Thirty of Nigeria´s states,
  • Over forty native languages,
  • Ten or more other African countries,
  • and Well over eighty different church groups.
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    609 E Main Street
    Duncan, SC 29334-9132

    Phone: (864) 977-8880

    About Us

    A United States 501 (c) 3 charitable organization organized and operated to support West Africa Theological Seminary through Prayer, Participation and the Raising of Funds. Select one of the four ways above for more information about how you can directly support WATS.

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